Department of Transportation (CDOT)

The Chicago Department of Transportation’s mission is to keep the city’s surface transportation networks and public way safe for users, environmentally sustainable, in a state of good repair and attractive, so that its diverse residents, businesses and guests all enjoy a variety of quality transportation options, regardless of ability or destination.


CDOT’s vision is to ensure that Chicago continues to be a vibrant international city, successfully competing in the global economy with a transportation system that provides high-quality service to residents, businesses, and visitors – a system that offers a solid foundation for the city, regional and national economies, yet is sensitive to its communities and environment.


What They Do


Pot Hole Tracker

The map on this page shows potholes patched by the Department of Transportation in the last seven days, based on the corresponding 311 service requests.

When crews respond to a 311 pothole request, they fill all additional potholes on that block. Click a dot on the map to see potholes filled by address, the date the request was completed, and the total number of potholes filled on a particular block. Duplicate service requests have been removed.


Traffic Tracker

Realtime traffic information for the City of Chicago.


Chicago Complete Streets

The City of Chicago is committed to building Complete Streets to ensure that everyone – pedestrians, transit users,bicyclists and motorists – can travel safely and comfortably along and across a street. Complete Streets give Chicagoans of all ages and abilities safer, cheaper, and healthier travel options. They support economic development and can incorporate environmental services and placemaking, which helps to create sustainable infrastructure and communities. The Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) is working to bring these benefits to your community.

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