8th Ward Police Districts and Beats

There are four Chicago Police Districts that are in the 8th Ward. Below are maps and informations your Chicago Police Districts.

3rd District

Chicago Police Department - 3rd District

Commander Gloria J. Hanna

7040 South Cottage Grove Avenue

Phone:  312-747-5530

The 3rd District has three Beats in the 8th Ward. Those beats are:


323: 71st to 75th, Dan Ryan to South Chicago

324: 71st to 75th, Cottage Grove to Bennet

333: 71st to 75th, Bennet to Crandon

4th District

Chicago Police Department - 4th District

Commander Jose M. Tirado

2255 East 103rd Street

Phone:  312-747-8205

The 4th District has four Beats in the 8th Ward. Those beats are:


411: 75th - 83rd, Dobson to Cornell

412: 83rd - 89th, Dobson to Oglesby

413: 89th - 95th, Drexel to Yates

414: 75th - 83rd, Cornell to Oglesby

5th District

Chicago Police Department - 5th District

Commander Joel Howard

727 East 111th Street

Phone:  312-747-8210

The 5th District has one Beat in the 8th Ward. That beat is:


511: 95th to 103rd, Cottage Grove to Stony Island

6th District

Chicago Police Department - 6th District

Commander William Bradley

7808 South Halsted Avenue

Phone:  312-745-3610

CAPS 312-745-3641

The 6th District has four Beats in the 8th Ward. Those beats are:


624: 75th - 80th, Cottage Grove to Greenwood

631: 80th - 83rd, Cottage Grove to Dobson

632: 83rd - 89th, Cottage Grove to Ellis

633: 89th - 95th, Cottage Grove to Dauphin