Blue Cart Recycling

The City of Chicago manages waste collection for approximately 600,000 households. In 2007, it introduced the Blue Cart Recycling program in seven communities and has since expanded it to more than 260,000 households.  In the spring of 2012, Mayor Emanuel announced all eligible households would receive the Blue Cart Recycling program by the end of 2013.  

If after using the program, you find that you need an additional blue cart, please call our office to request one. When the additional blue cart is delivered, an existing black garbage cart will eventually be taken away to manage space in the alley. There is no charge for the addition or removal of carts.

Private waste haulers provide waste collection services for the city’s remaining commercial and industrial businesses and residents who live in multi-unit buildings or high-rises. Visit the Chicago Recycles home page to learn about recycling regulations and recommendations for these groups.

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