8th Ward Business

Starting A Business


Alderman Harris invites all aspiring business owners to choose the 8th Ward.


The Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection has a multitude of resources to aid in the starting of a business. They have listed five critical steps when beginning a business:


  1. Business Planning - Before you schedule an appointment with a business consultant

  2. Check Zoning

  3. Licensing

  4. Permitting

  5. Other Business Requirements


An indepth decription of each of these steps, as well as the resources that are available, can be located by clicking here.


Also, please take a look at the BACP Small Business Center for all of the resources available.

BACP Small Business Center

Running A Business


Alderman Harris also thanks all business owners that have chosen to operate in the 8th ward.


Below are some useful links to aid business owners in their every day operations.


Renew Your Business License

Public Way Use Permits

Zoning Check

Tax Information

Loading Zones

Update Your Business License

Building Permits Permits

Commercial Driveway Permits

Business License Inspections

Water, Recycling & Sanitation

Disciplinary Hearings

Financial Assistance Resources


For more information on these topics, as well as information regarding other resources, click here.